This theme comes up so often that I had to check whether I’ve written about it here.  Nope; I wrote a blog post about tea popularity and tea cults some months back, and only drifted into it a little there.

This article from that time frame claims that “Artisanal Tea in America Is Having a Moment,” which I think has been addressed here at T Ching by different authors across varying scope.  This more recent article claims that “There is No Craft Tea Movement in America (Yet).”  So which is it?

It’s possible that both could be right, seen from two different points of view.  My input in that blog post was that it’s not the case (no “moment”), but from within a narrow interest group — related to increasing exposure among a small set of people — awareness and demand is ramping up.  Probably some vendors are experiencing good sales growth, and new sources certainly keep entering the market.  I write about new developments and options all the time in my blog, and people read that (Tea in the Ancient World).

Compressed black tea from Laos; new forms keep turning up

There won’t be space here to break apart both sets of claims, to fully place it all.  It would work to only consider the “why not” side, from the second article cited:

…Walk into your local grocery store, and you can choose among Fair Trade Certified, single-origin beans from Ethiopia, Costa Rica or Peru. Now in its third or fourth wave, depending on whom you ask, craft coffee culture is everywhere.

Whither craft tea? While many Americans do indeed brew and drink tea, it has yet to experience a 21st century “craft” revolution, the kind that launches national chains and inspires financial analysts to rant about millennials’ spending habits…

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