We’re going back into the archives to revisit these classic posts by James Norwood Pratt. This post includes “Teas of India” and “Teas of India – A Word on Those Initials in Tea Names”. We have added a link to the end of each one to take you to the next if you would like to read them as a sequence, or you can choose which you want to peruse below. Enjoy!

Teas of India

India is the world’s largest producer and consumer of tea today, barely a century and a half after its first crop, with over a million acres under cultivation and over two million people employed in the industry.  Whereas tea was…(Read more)

Teas of India – A Word on Those Initials in Tea Names

Everybody has heard of Orange Pekoe but few know that it is not a kind of tea but a size of leaf.  There are names for other leaf sizes also, and these are often…(Read more)

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