We’re going back into the archives to revisit these classic posts by James Norwood Pratt. This post includes “Sencha” and “Bancha, Kukicha, Hojicha, and Genmaicha”. We have added a link to the end of each one to take you to the next if you would like to read them as a sequence, or you can choose which you want to peruse below. Enjoy!


Around three-quarters of Japan’s annual production is classified as sencha.  All sencha is not created equal, but for the most part…(Read more)

Bancha, Kukicha, Hojicha, and Genmaicha

Japan tea is plucked four times during the growing season, and the coarse older leaf of the last plucking is used for bancha, which means “last tea”.  At the same time…(Read more)

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