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Originally Posted: December 2009
Contributor: Dharlene Fahl

Can you love yourself for fifteen minutes once a day?

Great!  Please go fill up the kettle, heat up the water, and let me tell you about self-success.

In the time it takes to mindfully sip a cup of tea, you can change your life.  Sounds a bit too simple, doesn’t it?  Ah, but this is how the mysteries of life reveal themselves – in total surrender and with utter simplicity.  This is also how life unravels itself when we get all wound up in our own drama.  It is only when we shed our cares and woes that we make room for success.

Self-success is self-love.

Loving yourself can be done in the time it takes to sip slowly, surrender to simplicity, submit to the sublime, and serenely go to the place of self-success.  With each cup of tea, you have the power to let the world go, to drain your body of stress, and to open to the power of self-love.

If you can do this at least once a day, you will easily be on your way to self-success, to self-love.  With each steaming hot cup of tea, you have the power to take your life back from whomever or wherever you have chosen to leave it.  Or perhaps to claim it for the very first time, and once you claim it, to surrender it to a wisdom far greater than your own.  This is loving yourself.

I think the water is boiling now – pour yourself a cup.

Every tranquil moment spent mindfully sipping tea plants a kinetic memory, a physical memory, of inner peace and self-love.  These fifteen minutes of self-love and self-empowerment can be stretched far beyond our limited concept of time and take us out into the infinite world of the Divine.  Where else do you think the truest and purest source of love comes from?  When we tap into this source – even if only for a few moments a day – we re-energize and rejuvenate ourselves – and is this not loving ourselves?  Combining this powerful experience of love with this ancient healing beverage called tea – you have a match made in Heaven.  And aren’t most of us seeking some sort of Heaven right here on earth?  Search no more – for with a cup of tea you can have it!  You have the power – it lies in your heart.  So, while sipping in serenity, you will find your divinity and in this, you will find endless success and infinite love. 


So great are the gifts of God
that they cannot be measured.
Absolute, boundless perfection is the God I know,
and I know that God is all there is.
The Source is infinite.
There is no space between God and me – we are one.
This Oneness is immeasurable and immutable.
Infinite love is given to me free of any conditions,
free of any limits and free of all boundaries.
I am good enough to accept and embody God’s love just as I am.
A love for eternity from Divine Infinity,
is the greatest treasure of all.
For this gift, I feel from the core of my being
a love for myself and an appreciation beyond words.
God knows the home of love and gratitude;
this place that defies borders and
this place where words do not exist.
This is the birthplace of infinity.
From here, from within, I release all limits,
all fears, all smallness and I trust this Infinite Wisdom.
It guides me always, guards me always, and governs me all ways;
for all of my days.

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