The votes have all been tallied, so we are delighted to announce the winners of the T Ching 2018 Writers Contest!

As a refresher, there were nine categories: Places We Like, Open, Product Reviews, Tea Industry, Tea Education, Health & Well-Being, Recipes, Community, and Commentary. Voting took place between June 10 and October 6, 2019 and was open to the public.

If your favorite writer or post didn’t win, just remember: We’ve almost reached the end of 2019, so in a few months we’ll open up voting for this year’s contest. You won’t be able to vote for the same posts, but you’ll be able to find new favorites and vote for them.

So, without further ado; here are the winners in each category!

Places We Like

Brewing Tea With Wild Water, Regena Rafelson


Our Routines and Our Rituals, Dharlene Marie Fahl

Product Reviews

Top 10 Tea Books of All Time For Tea Lovers, Kei Nishida

Tea Industry

Darjeeling Strike: The Aftermath, Elyse Petersen

Tea Education – TIE

Shiraore or Karigane?, Alexander Sanson
50 True Facts about Green Tea and Health, Kei Nishida

Health and Well-Being

At What Age is it Safe to Give Your Child Tea?, Regena Rafelson

Recipes – TIE

You Can Eat Your Tea!, Jennifer Cook
Chai to Remember, Robert Wemischner


Tea Towel & A Yayoi Kusama Exhibit, Ifang Hsieh

Commentary – TIE

Disarm Them With Tea, Regena Rafelson
Ochazuke, Ifang Hsieh