Continued from NW Tea Festival Seattle 2019 – What it is Like to be a Vendor at a Famous Expo – Part 1

Event Day

We came early before the event to set up the rest of the booth.  Some people were already lining up at the front of the entrance. 

The display is one part of the setup, we also needed to set up all the tea to prepare for the sampling.  Electricity was not pulled the day before, so we had to set up all the electric lines within the booth as well.

The entrance.
The floor before the opening.  Vendors already setup the booths, so it doesn’t look as empty as it was the day before.
And here is our first visitor and customer at the event. Thank you! ?  We were running out of time, and we were actually still setting up when the show started. (Please don’t tell the event host)
More people coming in.
By noon on Saturday, the floor is packed!
Can you tell where we are?
There was a whole stage set up for tea presentation. The stage setup was much more upgraded than last year’s stage. Too bad I couldn’t see any of them as I had to be at the booth! You can see Babette Donaldson — founder of International Tea Sippers Society (Parent of T-Ching) — on the stage.
And here is Babette at the booth of International Tea Sippers Society (Parent of T-Ching).
And here is a picture with Babette and Jaelithe, the editor at T-Ching; such a nice team.

One thing about this kind of event is that I don’t get to talk too long with each person because there are just so many people at the event, and we are all busy with booth setup, preparing samples, trying out samples, etc etc.  

If you were at the event, sorry – I probably didn’t get to spend much time with you. If you were not at the event, well: You have to come try the event the next time!

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