Continued from 10 Best Matcha Snacks on Amazon – Part 1

The Japanese take our love for matcha very seriously!  Japan’s love for green tea matcha has entered daily life beyond just a delicious beverage.  Matcha began to find its way into tasty snacks that we had no idea would become a Japanese export industry.

Many tourists and visitors have fallen in love with Japanese matcha snacks, which up to this time could only be found in Japan.  But, the global craze for matcha is demanding new ways to find these health-infused green tea snacks. They’ve become so popular that you can now find many of them on Amazon. 

I have listed my 10 best choices for matcha snacks.  Don’t just take my word for it, those listed below have received at least a customer review of 4.5/5.  All products are directly imported from Japan.

So, what kinds of matcha snacks and desserts are available? Here are my top 10 matcha snack products from Japan on Amazon!

6. Traditional Japanese Sweet Bean Paste Jelly / Sugimotoya Okonomi Yokan – $14.90

Japanese jelly is a healthy and tasty sweet treat. Once popular in the U.S., Japan has always had an obsession for sweet jelly treats.  These traditional Japanese delicacies are typically made from agar, which is a Japanese innovation used for centuries in Japanese cuisines.  Most are vegetarian and vegan. This set contains traditional jelly in matcha and 4 other flavors. Includes 9 pieces of 1.5 oz (about 4 grams) each.

Manufacturer:  Sugimotova

7. Raw Match Green Tea Chocolate – $31.99

This delightful snack is matcha green tea in a supreme chocolate form.  Matcha green tea is folded into white chocolate ganache producing a creamy confection that is infused with light and refreshing green tea.   There is a rainbow of flavor from start to finish. This product comes shipped in ice packs to assure freshness. You get about 10 oz of matcha chocolate.  This product has a short expiration date of 30 days from the date it was created.  

Manufacturer:  ShopKei ROYCE (Lloyds)

8. Matcha Milk Candy (2.82 oz) – $11.08

Is candy a snack?  It is in my home, and especially when it contains Japanese matcha.  This is a wonderful milk candy that is creamy and sweet. With this package you’ll receive 3 bags, so you can do the math and see what a great deal it is.  Don’t forget that it’s also a healthy snack treat for your kids when they beg you for a piece of candy.

Manufacturer – Kanro

9. Kit Kat Green Tea Flavored Candy – $12.99

Who doesn’t like the soft wafer texture of a Kit Kat bar?  And thanks to Japanese tradition and the ingenuity of Kit Kat, we have the marriage of a global delight with the sweet flavoring of matcha.  You won’t find this on your store shelf, as it is an import from Japan only. Try them, you won’t be disappointed.

Manufacturer – Kit Kat

10. Pocky Matcha Green Tea Cream Covered Biscuit Sticks – $31.80

One of my absolute favorite snacks are these matcha green tea cream-covered biscuit sticks.  Here you’ll find a crispy biscuit stick surrounded by a very flavorful matcha cream. Your taste buds will appreciate the perfect combination of lightness, sweetness, crunch, and softly refreshing textures.  The matcha-flavored coating really comes through with this snack. 

And every Amazon review also agrees with me, as this product scores a 5/5-star review from every customer.  Pocky snack sticks come in a 20-pack box with each stick measuring 1.41 ounces each.  

Manufacturer:  Pocky

Give these items a try and let me know what you think.  

Until next time, keep enjoying everything about your Japanese green tea and matcha.

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