When I was first married, my most treasured wedding gift was a teapot and two cups. And even though my husband and I did not have a tea habit at the time, that tea set inspired a romantic tradition that became a very sweet and tender part of our marriage. He would wake me with a Saturday morning tea tray and it always felt as if the rest of the world fell away for our precious hour together. And then there were teatime sunsets we watched in silence to end our day sharing tea. 

Since then, even before I started working in the tea industry and writing about tea I loved to select tea sets as wedding gifts. But I would say that it has frequently been a challenge to search the shops and online purveyors to find a set and then put it together in a box with selected teas and ship it. (Always worth the trouble, of course.) 

Recommending Teaware

All too many times I’ve purchased teaware that looked fantastic in the photo but didn’t pour well or was smaller than I imagined or just didn’t feel quite right in my hand. It’s only after I’ve had a a piece in my collection for long enough to be drawn to it several times that I choose to gift it or to recommend it. Friends who come to my home can tell instantly which are my faves. The best teapots with unglazed areas are darkened and stained. Handles and lids are chipped a bit. And my daily drivers never make it back to the shelf. They’re like friends who remain constantly on duty and ready to serve. 

I recently found this set on the Stash Tea website when I was searching for another wedding gift. Of course it’s not limited to any particular gift genre, but what I like is the size, the simplicity of brewing loose-leaf tea or teabags, and having two matching cups in a boxed set that gives me confidence it will arrive unbroken. All these things are important to people for whom it might be their first piece of teaware. So if I have any hope that their experience will be as romantic as my memories, it needs to be easy. This one is elegant without being frou-frou. Not too feminine or masculine. And there is a gentleness and peacefulness about the soft blue glaze. It also washes up easily; leaves don’t get stuck in places where I have to scrape them out. 

The other advantage is the large selection of teas that can be added to complete the gift. There really is something for everyone and it’s pretty easy to pick a flavor to please. 

And let me say that I share this recommendation to help readers and not because I receive any compensation for a referral.

Stash Tea Company Indigo Fog Tea Set

This elegant Japanese tea set is speckled with shades of light blue with mossy green accents at the edges. Perfect for sharing a warm cup of tea with a good friend!

  • Material
  • Capacity
    15 oz teapot, 7 oz cup
  • Dimensions
    Teapot 6.5″ W x 4.5″ H, Cup 3.75″ W x 3.375″ H

Certainly, there are many other tea companies that offer something equally as gift-able, or even better. And I’d love to have more contributors share their recommendations with our T Ching readers. 

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