Continued from Japanese Green Tea Company at Portland Tea Festival 2019 – Part 1

We were excited to be part of Portland Tea Festival (Tea Fest PDX) which was held on July 20th 2019 at World Forestry Center in Portland, Oregon.

Here are some pictures we took during the event and my comments. 


I took pictures with some of my tea friends.  Sorry, I didn’t get to take pictures with all of you. 

Here is a picture with Babette Donaldson, Founder and Head Sipper from International Tea Sippers Society (ITSS).

ITSS owns T Ching.  It was great to have a booth next to each other. 

It was also great to be able to meet with Jaelithe – the Managing Editor of T Ching – with whom I regularly communicate. She posts all of the blog content for us.  

In this internet age, we communicate with many people, but sadly don’t get to see each other in person. I had actually not met Babette or Jaelithe in person before, so it was really nice to do so.

Here is a picture with Char from Oolong Owl.  Many tea lovers know her from her very popular and fun blog.  She was one of my inspirations for starting a tea blog in the beginning. 
I finally got to meet with Geoffery from Steep Stories for the first time.
Here is a picture with  Brigham from North Fork 53.  He is the first and only tea plantation in the Northwest growing tea. He has been using our tea on his various events. 
Here is a picture with Arturo Alvarez, passionate poetry artist. 
He will be featured on a Japanese Reality TV Show through ZaZou Production.   He is holding our Tokoname teapot. He will be going to Tokoname with the TV Show. I cannot wait to see him on the TV!
And finally, Jonathan Steel from Friends of Fire.  His pottery and art are one of a kind. 


It was packed with all the tea lovers in Portland; and people traveled from Seattle, Vancouver, B.C., and even further for this event.

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