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Well you asked for them, and I want to deliver: More gift ideas for the Japanese matcha and green tea lover!  Below are examples of some of my favorite green tea gift giving products at their finest. The gift ideas below are intended to be a bit more premium-priced than my last installment, but all are items available on Amazon today.   

#1 Ruika Japanese Tetsubin Cast Iron Teapot – $99.99

What I like about this product:  This beautifully designed cast iron tea pot meets the artistry of both form and function.  The large capacity 48 oz (1400 ml) teapot is perfect for traditional brewing. The iron used in its creation helps to improve the water quality for a softer and more optimal flavor of your tea.  Perfect all teas. Easy to clean with just water and little to no oxidation rust build-up. If oxidation occurs, simply rinse with green tea. The specially designed handle is made for easy grip and to protect from surface burns.  Safe for stovetop heating.

Manufacturer:  RUIKA
Customer Rating:  5/5
Price:  $99.99
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#2 Stagg EKG Electric Pour-over Kettle – $149.00

What I like about this product:  An electric kettle with a sleek and modern look.  It has variable temperature control to allow for quick heating, the perfect temperature (135°F to 212°F) for optimal flavoring for different types of teas, and temperature lock for up to 60 minutes.  Handy LCD display shows temperature and a stopwatch to time steeping. The ergo-handle and fluted spout make pouring so easy without drips.  All-steel interior with no plastic parts touching the water. Great for coffee brewing, too. This takes tea brew technology to the next level. 

Manufacturer:  Fellow Industries, Inc.
Customer Rating:  4.4/5
Price:  $149.99
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#3 Zoijrushi CD-WCC30 Micom Water Boiler & Warmer – $139.95 to $170.00

What I like about this product:  For larger volume convenience, this Zojirushi is perfect for heavy use or parties.  It has a 101 oz (3 L) capacity Teflon over steel holding pot to reduce scaling for extended heating periods.  There are many nice features to this product, such as quick heating and 4 preferred heat hold settings for every type of tea (variable from 6 to 10 hours).  If you don’t use the quick heat settings, the boiler will heat water to boiling for dechlorination. It has a one-dial easy drip dispenser for cup brewing. A fold-down handle and swivel base clinch the convenience of transport and dispensing.

Manufacturer:  Zojirushi
Customer Rating:  4.4/5
Price:  $135.00 to $170.00
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#4 CasaWare Serenity 7 Piece Tea Pot Set – $59.99

What I like about this product:  The philosophy of the Japanese tea ceremony is centered on simplicity and inner peace.  This timeless tea pot set embodies the idea of inner peace, while at the same time sharing the moment of the tea ceremony with each other.  The tea pot does a good job of retaining heat. This set includes 7 pieces: a ceramic tea pot with 32 oz. capacity; 4-5 oz. tea cups; a stainless steel infuser; and a bamboo tray (very solid) that matches the tea pot’s bamboo handle.  Simple white ceramic porcelain finish is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. I also like the price point of this full tea set that makes it affordable as a lovely gift.

Manufacturer: LaPrima Shops
Customer Rating: 4.8/5
Price: $59.99
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#5  BambooMN Brand – Matcha Bowl Set – $64.75

What I like about this product:  I like to call this set “Matcha for  Two”. Unlike other products in my line-up, this set is specifically designed for our matcha lovers and includes two bowls for sharing our favorite beverage with that special someone.  The handmade ceramic bowls are sturdy. All utensils are made of natural bamboo, including the ladle/scoop. Well-priced set to make the perfect beverage with your Japanese Green Tea In world winning matcha!

Manufacturer:  BambooMN
Customer Rating:  4/5
Price:  $64.75
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