We were excited to be part of Portland Tea Festival (Tea Fest PDX) which was held on July 20th 2019 at World Forestry Center in Portland, Oregon. 

Here are some pictures we took during the event and my comments. 

This was the first time we hosted a booth at Portland Tea Festival, so we are very excited for being part of it. Last year, we were too late to register as this event has very limited spots for the vendors; so I feel lucky to be able to have been part of them this year!


Tea Fest PDX is comprised of a community of tea visionaries, business owners, and tireless volunteers who all share the vision of celebrating tea culture in Portland. Together we are combining our unique skills and passions to bring the festival to life.

How It All Started

We’ve had the pleasure of attending the Northwest Tea Festival in Seattle the past few years and realized just how many people who enjoy and participate in tea culture were traveling from Oregon for this event. With the nudge of encouragement and continued support from the NW Tea Festival organizers, we’ve been able to bring the idea of a tea festival of our own to fruition through the help and hard work of our local tea community. 


I get comments about all the blog posts (thank you) and people tend to enjoy the behind-the-scenes photos; so I try to take pictures from preparation so you get to see what it is like to be at the event. 

This is a photo of the event place when it is being prepared.  It looks quite different from the day of the event where there are so many people!
Here is a picture of our “booth” before we setup.
Setting up the booth.
As you can see, it is a lot of work to prepare for the booth: To plan and assemble each and every piece.
And here is how it looks when it is completed.
And me. : )

To be concluded in Japanese Green Tea Company at Portland Tea Festival 2019 – Part 2

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