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#6 Vosges Haut-Chocolat Super Dark Matcha Green Tea & Spirulina Bar – $15.00

What I like about this product:  I have a sweet tooth, don’t you?  When I reach for a special sweet experience, I like to reach for a little healthy dark chocolate.  This chocolate has many health benefits despite the delicious combination of ingredients. 72% quality cacao chocolate with beneficial antioxidants is great for heart, brain, and stress relief.  Matcha green tea gives the benefits of antioxidants and an energy boost. Spirulina algae provides the highest protein level. Together with a wonderful flavor, this bar is well worth the money.

Manufacturer:  Vosges Haut-Chocolat
Customer Rating:  4/5
Price:  $15.00
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#7 Desktop Beverage Warmer – $26.99

What I like about this product:  This clever beverage warmer is perfect to keep your tea cup warm at home, dorm, or office.  The large diameter heating platform is perfect for your flat matcha cup. Comes with a convenient USB cord.  The silicone surface wedge and automatic shut-off feature provide added safety.

Manufacturer:  KUWAN
Customer Rating:  5/5
Price:  $26.99
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#8 Organic Matcha Castell Loaf Cake – $37.00

What I like about this product:  What goes better with a green tea lover’s pot of Japanese green tea or matcha than a lovely sweet dessert delicacy.  Sourced matcha from Kyoto, Japan; inspired from Portugal; hand made in New York. This beautiful Castella loaf is all organic and hand made to order.  What a beautiful gift for matcha and green tea lovers!

Manufacturer:  Ozu’s Organic Matcha Pastry
Customer Rating:  unspecified
Price:  $37.00
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#9 Cook with Matcha and Green Tea Paperback – $29.99

What I like about this product:  To complement the lovely selection of matcha and Japanese green tea products, I humbly recommend my book Cook with Matcha and Green Tea.  It’s in paperback and is filled with some of my personal favorite homemade recipes to enjoy the wonderful flavors of matcha and green tea: As the primary ingredients.  You know the many health benefits of green tea. Now, when you gift this book, you will impart knowledge on the importance of green tea for overall wellness. Includes tips on brewing teas, beverages, and sweets as well as basic knowledge; with beautifully detailed photos and step-by-step guidelines for all recipes.

Manufacturer:  Kei Nishida
Customer Rating:  5/5
Price:  $29.99 (paperback)
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#10 Teacup Kittens Coloring Book – $7.53

What I like about this product:  Share your quiet matcha moments by de-stressing with 80 pages of Japanese art.  Japanese artist and illustrator Kayomi Harai has created 32 expressive original cat designs to express your artistic child inside.  We used to think that coloring was just for children, but science has revealed that coloring is a beneficial art form for de-stressing. For ages 10 and up. With quality perforated thick art paper, you can enjoy your peaceful green tea moments alone or with the next generation of green tea and matcha lovers.  

Manufacturer:  Kayomi Harai
Customer Rating:  5/5
Price:  $7.53
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