The other day my husband and I were enjoying a quiet evening in companionable silence. I was working on a sewing project while he played a video game, with a comedian playing low in the background. I realized that I needed more pins so I got up to fetch my sewing basket. When I returned, I asked my husband, “Have I ever told you why I have such an ugly sewing basket?” When he replied in the negative, I showed him my pincushion and explained, “Because they also were selling this matching pincushion! And I absolutely HAD to have it.” No explanation as to why was necessary, as one glance at the object in question had him agreeing to the necessity (at least for me).

It was more than eight years ago, during a period of time when I was doing a lot of sewing. But the more sewing I did the more sewing items I ended up buying, as I realized how useful they could be: shiny new matching pins instead of scavenged miscellaneous ones, a comfort-grip seam-ripper instead of using my pocket knife, the magic that is a rotary cutter, etc. The truth is, I had never bothered with a pincushion before. I found it at a chain fabric store and it really was a case of love at first sight. Then I found that there was a sewing basket made from matching fabric. With that much of the fabric on display, I didn’t particularly care for it; yet I love when things match and a sewing basket suddenly seemed so extremely useful (instead of the fabric bag that had held my sewing notions ever since I made it during middle school home economics).

So what made the pincushion so irresistible, you ask? Why, the shape! Rather than the standard tomato shape, this particular pincushion was shaped like none other than a teapot! The lid even opened, revealing a small cavity and a needle sharpener on the inside of the “lid”. It was charming and adorable and of course inspired by tea!

It’s not the first time I’ve purchased an item or household object in a tea-related shape. I even have a bottle opener in the shape of a teacup! The love for tea truly does spill over to all aspects of our lives.

What are your favorite tea-inspired treasures?

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