Electric Kettle Brewing Makes Brewing Japanese Green Tea Easy!

The ability to brew delicious Japanese green tea quickly is such a joy.  I mean, why wait for that first delicious cup if you don’t have to?

So today, we’re looking at the convenience of the OXO BREW Cordless Glass Electric Kettle, which I personally use daily.    It is manufactured by OXO.


One great option for making tasty Japanese green tea is by using an electric tea kettle.  There are a couple of reasons to use an electric tea kettle.

Microwave Brewing is Not Exact and It Takes More Time

Microwaving your water to brew Japanese green tea takes more time than most electric tea kettles.  This is because you must keep swirling the water as it heats to get even temperatures.

Also, with microwave heating there is no easy way to ensure that you are getting the right temperature for brewing your tea.  For example, most Japanese sencha green tea is best brewed at 175 degrees Fahrenheit (79 degrees Celsius). Herbal teas taste best when steeped at 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees Celsius).  Oolong teas are best brewed at 185 – 205 degrees Fahrenheit (85 to 95 degrees Celsius). (See a list of proper temperature by tea type here.)

Stovetop Brewing Is Not Exact for Proper Brewing Temperatures

Stovetop heating your water in a kettle may be a fast way to get hot water. However, much like microwave heating, it is difficult to ensure the correct temperature.

When you use the stovetop, the entire heating kettle becomes hot, including the handle.  This can lead to a burn. The conventional kettle can also pick up flavors and aromas from previous uses, impairing the pure green tea aroma and flavor.

What Do I Use For Boiling Hot Water?

Readers often ask me what teapot I use to brew my tasty Japanese green tea.  For those who wonder, the tea ware that I currently use is the OXO BREW Cordless Glass Electric Kettle, Stainless Steel.  

Some of the main reasons I prefer this teapot are listed below:

1. Temperature Control – Essential to each variety of tea preparation is the water temperature.  This product’s temperature dial maintains the precise temperature for brewing up to 30 minutes.

2. Quick Heating – The OXO Brew provides boiled water very quickly.

3. Yuzamashi is EasyYuzamashi–or the process of first boiling tea water then letting it cool–is simple with this teapot.  After boiling, I can remove the kettle for a few minutes and then replace it again to check the water temperature. (Read more about yuzamashi technique here.)

4. Cordless Design is Convenient – The OXO’s cordless design provides easy maneuverability once the water temperature is reached.  The cord also stores easily when not in use.

5. Wide Spout is Great – Many tea kettles have a narrow spout, more advantageous for pouring coffee than green tea.  The OXO spout also has a convenient spout strainer, which can be easily removed for cleaning.

The only drawback I have found for this teaware is that there is some difficulty draining out the last few drops of tasty Japanese green tea.  But hey: If this happens, looks like it’s time to brew another pot!

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