Creative pursuits are as hot as freshly-made tea right now: Nearly two-thirds of American households participate in at least one creative hobby, and 45% are involved in five or more.  Hobbies such as these are great for rebalancing mental health and bringing people together, so why not make them the focus of your next tea party? Combining a calm creative activity with delicious tea is a neat experience for kids to enjoy with their grandparents, but it could also make for a great baby shower or bachelorette party theme too. Or simply enjoy it on a weekend with great friends; who needs an excuse for fun and friendship?

The Joy of Creating With Friends

Studies have shown that creative activities can improve your health by increasing your happiness and self-esteem and reducing the risk of dementia and depression.  The simplest pleasures such as coloring or painting can help to boost your immune system and brighten your mindset.  By hosting a creative tea party for friends or family, you can make them happier; not just with the activities on offer, but also by bringing them together.  A recent survey found that the average family spends just 37 minutes of quality time together per day; booking a tea party in everyone’s diary helps to protect this time from external pressures.

Artistic Activities

Since a recent study has found that black tea can make you more creative, it’s time to plan some activities which will inspire and delight your guests and put their tea-fueled creativity to the test.  For kids, finger painting or hand printing can be great fun (although it does get a little messy, so have wipes or water bowls to hand).  For adults, you could put out sketch pads and pencils and invite them to draw each other, or source pottery which you can paint yourselves using ceramic paints or pens; perhaps you can create some vintage-inspired floral designs for your next tea party?

A Cup of Tea With a Slice of Art

A truly creative tea party requires a twist on the usual food and drink on offer.  Be adventurous in your choices of tea: Have a read through the unusual and obscure teas sampled on this site for inspiration.  Green teas are great for creating a relaxed atmosphere; but if you want to fire up the creative juices, how about lemon, cinnamon, or Lions Mane teas?  All three are said to improve brain function or boost your mood.  For your food, why not bake and decorate biscuits to look like little paint palettes? Scattering edible flower petals across your cakestands will also add a touch of inspiration and beauty to the table.

Hosting a creative tea party is a great opportunity to celebrate your loved ones’ artistic instincts and to fuel them further with tea and inspiration.  Providing simple activities such as painting, drawing, and sketching also means that conversation can flow; giving grandparents and teenagers alike the chance to connect.  It can also create beautiful souvenirs for people to treasure long after the event. Host a tea party that’s a work of art.

Photo “Person Holding Yellow and Green Lime Shape Ceramic Tea Pot” is copyright under Creative Commons 2.0 License to the photographer “Pixabay” and is being posted unaltered (source)