Continued from yesterday’s post: Tasty Japanese Green Tea Cold Brewing Is Here! – Part 1

Product Cons:

Only a few negative comments about the Hario were made.  Here are some of the product cons I discovered:

  • Customers disliked that the recommended brew time – 5 hours – was inconvenient
  • Customers disliked the glass container due to its risk of breaking 
  • Customers disliked the plastic cap that was loose-fitting to the filter
  • Customers disliked the plastic cap that got an unpleasant odor after a few washings
  • Customers disliked the filter became a little loose allowing tea particle to get in the tea

What Alternatives to the Hario Are Available?

A thorough search revealed comparable products to the Hario, although most of them have a spout for pouring.  Many products specifically for cold brew travel are available for coffee, but not so much for brewing green tea.  Here is a list of similar products. The prices are average online.

The Hario Cold Brew Filter-In Tea Bottle really seems to be worth your money, both in convenience and process of brewing tasty Japanese green tea on the go.  If you can find it on places like Amazon, then the price makes it even more attractive to own.

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