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I can’t find any Tencha tea, can I instead use Gyokuro tea for my Matcha?

Gyokuro tea leaves are grown in the same conditions as Tencha tea leaves up until the kneading or crumpling process. They are both covered and grow out of the direct sunlight, increasing their nutritional benefits as well as refining their flavor. Even with the manner of processing Gyokuro, it can still be used in place of Tencha tea. The taste should be similar, but it all depends on the quality of the leaves. Through kneading and rolling, the leaf will infuse more easily with water.

What benefits will I gain from owning the Sharp TE-T56U-GR Tea-Cere Matcha Tea Maker?

Authentic traditional Japanese Matcha tea is made with a lot of labor. The milling process alone takes an excessive amount of time because you cannot allow the millstone to heat up, let alone the physical part of milling. If the millstone heats up, it will change the taste of the tea. The Sharp TE-T56U-GR Tea-Cere Matcha Tea Maker will mill or grind the leaves into the fine Matcha powder for you without overheating the stone. Sensors will detect the heat and stop the milling until the stone has cooled.

Here are some of the benefits of having the Sharp TE-T56U-GR Tea-Cere Matcha Tea Maker sitting on your kitchen counter to use at your leisure.

  • Leading Japanese experts in tea were consulted to offer insight into carrying on the traditional process of making Matcha.
  • Matcha tea preparation time is reduced exponentially.
  • You can adjust the amount of Matcha powder to your own taste buds and the tea maker will boil the water and brew hot or cold tea, whichever you prefer.
  • The tea maker will actually whisk the Matcha for you, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the show…and then reap the liquid rewards.
  • The Sharp TE-T56U-GR Tea-Cere Matcha Tea Maker can make up to 4 cups at a time, but if you prefer a lot of froth you can make just one at a time.


Q: Is using a machine to grind better than purchasing powder?

A: It is hard to say if it is better to grind your own, the reason being that it is very difficult to get Tencha of high quality. As such, your quality will be limited, but you will surely get fresh tea by grinding your own.  It smells so good when you grind your own matcha (which is quite fun as a process, too).

There are literally no limitations to what teas you can grind and brew. Many people also use Matcha powder as a recipe additive for ice cream, donuts and just about anything you can think of. The Sharp TE-T56U-GR Tea-Cere Matcha Tea Maker not only solves the challenge of creating homemade Matcha, but it also puts more flexibility in the tea user’s hands, opening up many opportunities for enjoying Matcha powder throughout the day.

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