My daughter rescued an older dog, Mavis, about a year ago. Jennifer was willing to adopt an older dog and said she’d be interested in a dog that was 4-6 years old. She found Mavis and fell in love. Mavis is deaf and going blind but that’s not stopping her at all. She was found in Alabama with 74 dogs who were locked up in cages and surviving in horrible conditions. We’ve all heard stories of similar abuse but meeting Mavis brought the issue home to me on a different level. A trip to the vet uncovered an old chip that had been placed in Mavis, perhaps by her original owner. It appears that Maris was 11 years old. I had my concerns about a dog who was clearly a senior, with multiple handicaps, but Jennifer was already all in. She was in love and it seems to be mutual.

Mavis has made a remarkable adjustment to her new circumstances but continues to have some anxiety when my daughter leaves the house without her for any length of time. It’s as if she keeps waiting to be abandoned. I came across a solution that I’m eager to share with Jennifer: Barking Mad Creations.

I hadn’t realized that dogs can also benefit from medicinal herbal teas, just as people do. Of course, certain herbs are contraindicated for animals but this web site seems to have done some investigative work for simple blends that are most appropriate for your pet. I’m eager for Jennifer to try the anxiety blend with Mavis to see if she can be more comfortable when left alone. If she can improve that situation, Mavis can live out the rest of her life in comfort and peace. If you try something for your furry best friend, please let us know.

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