The teaBOT team describes its creation, via website, as:

“…robotic kiosks that allow users to order a custom cup of loose-leaf tea and share their blends at the touch of a button. Customers control features on the touch screen or their smartphone and walk away with a personalized cup of tea in under a minute.”

The company’s “Find a teaBOT” page specifies two California locations. Years have passed since I first learned about teaBOT’s existence via a news report.  Last month I decided to go check it out – the only one in Los Angeles – at a 365 by Whole Foods.  The barista who must also be the store’s tea sommelier indicated that the machine was removed quite a while ago.

The store should have kept its teaBOT.  Flippy in Pasadena cooks burgers. Bartender robot Guillermo del Pouro prepares cocktail in Downtown Los Angeles.  Southern California needs a teaBOT!

This post is short because of the missing teaBOT.  Maybe T Ching readers who have savored teas brewed by teaBOT would like to share thoughts and reviews.

Image from teaBot website