Herbal teas have many benefits – some of them help us sleep, some have antibacterial properties, while others improve our digestion or reduce bad cholesterol. However, many herbal teas also have a positive impact on our skin. In case you didn’t know this, here’s how herbal teas can improve your complexion and help you look fresh and younger.

What’s so special about herbal teas?

Let’s start with the obvious – any kind of tea is made with water, and we all know how much water is important for our skin. So it’s clear that teas hydrate our skin. However, herbal teas are also rich in polyphenols, which have antioxidant properties. In other words, they can reverse the effects of UV damage but they also reduce skin inflammations – this characteristic alone is enough for you to start drinking herbal teas.

So let’s focus on specific herbal teas and see just how they can help you get a youthful, fresh complexion.

Green tea

Green tea is an incredible fighter against wrinkles. Free radical-fighting catechins in it are what prevent wrinkles from appearing but they also reduce the existing skin damage from the sun. Not just that – catechins also breathe life into dying skin cells and help the production of new ones.


Rooibos is well-known for containing high levels of zinc, alpha-hydroxy acids and antioxidants, each of them bringing their own magic. Zinc is very helpful in dealing with hormonal imbalances in the body that usually lead to the occurrence of acne. Antioxidants, which include aspalathin and nothofagin, are an excellent protection from free radicals that cause complexion issues. Finally, all of these components in rooibos prevent fat loss under the skin from happening, which helps the skin keep its elasticity.

Chamomile tea

Stress is also one of the causes of bad complexion. Stress acne can be prevented if you drink chamomile tea because it has anxiolytic and antioxidant effects. Not just that – chamomile also has antibacterial and anti-mutagenic effects, which all help prevent or reduce acne lesions that got inflamed. Chamomile is also the most common tea people drink when they want to calm themselves, which also helps the skin heal.

Dandelion tea

You shouldn’t think of dandelions as simple weeds that annoy you in the garden. They can be used in salads and for making tea. You wouldn’t believe just how many benefits dandelion tea has for your internal organs and your skin. First of all, dandelion tea is full of antioxidants. It also improves your immune system, which helps your skin stay healthy and look healthy. If you suffer from indigestion, it can lead to skin problems – stomach issues will show on your face in most cases. Dandelion tea will improve your digestion, making the skin issues go away.

White tea

In short, white tea is the purest tea there is. It is one of the rarest teas on the market because it’s necessary to take the youngest leaves off the plant in order to make white tea. As it is in such a pure form–meaning it is the least processed type of tea–white tea is also the richest one in antioxidants.

Its skin-rejuvenating powers are incredible, as it prevents elastin and collagen from decreasing. Any cosmetic surgeon will tell you that lower production of elastin and collagen leads to wrinkles and dull skin, so thanks to white tea, you’ll be able to slow down the aging process of your skin. Due to the light process it has gone through, white tea is also highly rich in catechin. As it also has strong antibacterial properties, there are many skin conditions it can fight off. Lastly, matrix metalloproteinases (MMP), an enzyme that increases in our skin over time, is also slowed down thanks to white tea, which is important as MMP decreases the collagen and elastin levels.

Yerba Maté

This exotic tea is a great way to achieve a youthful look. It is full of antioxidants that successfully fight free radicals that cause skin damage. This tea originates from Central and South America and is made from dried leaves of the yerba maté plant. It also contains high levels of caffeine so it can be a better alternative to coffee in the morning. You can use this tea for almost any problem you have – it improves your immune system, controls your appetite, and helps you fight fatigue. The secret is in its rich list of nutrients, including various vitamins and minerals like vitamins B and C, potassium and manganese, as well as antioxidants.

Spearmint tea

Spearmint is a great aid in fighting hormonal changes which lead to the occurrence of hormonal acne. It has an anti-androgenic effect, meaning it can help you balance your hormonal status which causes acne and it also removes the excess sebum on the skin. It also protects your skin from oxidative damage (in other words, from free radicals) because it’s rich with flavonoids and phenolic acids.

Herbal teas are a powerful source of nutrients which are highly important for a healthy complexion. You almost never have too much of herbal teas, so if your aim is to keep a fresh look, make yourself a cup of tea right now.

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