Thanksgiving has always been my family’s favorite holiday. We have a tradition of going around the table and sharing what we’re especially thankful for. This has been a challenging year for those of us living in the U.S.  Our country is in turmoil and our position around the globe has reached an all-time low. It feels as if our very basic values are being re-evaluated and dismissed. I know the American people are strong and compassionate. We will overcome the obstacles in our path to renew our commitments to our citizens and those around the world.

For me, tea is something that will be part of our Thanksgiving celebration. We will honor all of the people in the chain who make it possible for us to enjoy the most delicious teas from all corners of the globe. I am grateful to everyone who has participated in making T Ching the vibrant blog that it is. We are blessed to have a warm home, abundant food, and safety from the horrors facing countless people living with immediate threats to their very survival. May the struggles facing each of us be ones we can grow from and bring a new level of compassion and empathy to our fellow human beings. We are all connected, regardless of our skin color, our religious affiliation, our level of education, our political beliefs or our gender. Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie said it best – “We are the world.”

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