When foreigners move to Japan a peculiar thing happens. No matter how much we fuss, nearly every day is a bad hair day. Silky smooth Japanese hair envy is almost a given when you move here.

So it came as a huge surprise that Hiromi Tsuchiya, my UK-trained, award-winning hairdresser, managed to tame my mane in less than a month and it keeps getting healthier! I naturally assumed it was her salon water or the type of coloring she used. But no…

You see, Hiromi is a master chef of shampoo! Why chef? Because the line she created is made with organic, locally grown “food”.

By paying attention to the power of traditional Japanese grains, fruits and plants, including MATCHA, and abstaining from oil-related surfactants, silicon, synthetic fragrances, colorings, and preservatives, Hiromi was able to create haircare designed to put moisture and shine back into your hair to tame the frizzes, give vavoom to limp hair, and make curls work! The longer you use it, the healthier your hair becomes because it heals from the inside out. Most products today mask your hair with follicle-clogging chemicals for instant results that cause massive damage to your hair and scalp.

Following the birth of her daughter, Hiromi searched in vain for a safe and gentle shampoo for her baby. None that she could find in the professional salon industry stood up to her scrutiny so she did what every mother would do, and made her own! After more than three years of experimenting with the formula and researching the power of food, she achieved the perfect recipe and KOKUU was born.

So what does haircare have to do with Chiki Tea?! Besides taming our manes with this incredible matcha haircare line, we want to help KOKUU reach folks in the west. You see, KOKUU is only available in Japan but the foreigners who have tried it, LOVE IT!  

We will be putting KOKUU shampoo, treatment (conditioner), and herbal serum on the Chiki Tea website at the equivalent YEN price (plus shipping) so you can have access to this incredible food for your hair. Email alex@chikitea.com if you would like to be notified when it’s up on the site.

Let your hair drink it up!!

Images provided by author