Coffee and I had an ugly divorce.
“Bad for you,” the doctor said,
“Too much caffeine for your heart. Try green tea.”

Rather than marvel that a trained Medicine Man was endorsing
tea, I grieved. Suffered.
Woes of unrequited love. Anger. Denial. Deal-making.

The trappings of my failed marriage were lined up on the counter:
grinder; espresso maker; the finest muslin filters. A dozen message mugs.
Half-empty bags of beans.
All victims of a relationship turned sour.

My first dates with tea were blind. Bags.
I almost had one of those internet flings after
flirting with the likes of Twinings and Harney & Sons.

Rescued from the brink by T Ching, I am in love again.

No regrets.

Originally posted in November 2008 by uncredited

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