I came upon a recent article the other day and it reminded me of the health benefits of peppermint tea.

Although I’m aware of its GI benefits–which does so by reducing spasms–it has other benefits as well. It appears that peppermint has the ability to calm the central and peripheral nervous system which is especially helpful for those suffering from IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome).

The one that most surprised me was about concentration, however. When I think about concentration, green tea always comes to mind thanks to the L-theanine. Apparently the same can be said about peppermint.  Peppermint tea benefits more than the gut. It’s great to sip on at work too, thanks to its ability to help increase focus and concentration. Even just smelling the tea helps. When you inhale peppermint, it ups how much oxygen is in the blood, and the more oxygen getting to your brain, the better your cognitive function.”

I also was unaware of peppermint’s antimicrobial and antiviral properties, which once again remind me of green teas attributes. And lastly, let’s not forget that it freshens the breath. We’ve all chewed peppermint gum at some time in our past and realized how refreshing it can be. This simple plant which has such remarkable healing benefits should be in everyone’s tea cabinet. Seems to me that you can’t go wrong with peppermint tea. For those gardeners out there, I can tell you that it’s extremely easy to grow so do yourself a favor and carve out a small spot of it in your garden. It can be invasive so consider yourself forewarned.

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