IT’S STILL SUMMER TIME. My summer heat survival strategy? A fridge full of iced tea, of all kinds, ready to drink. The great thing about tea is that it counts as water, so you can stay cool and hydrated while sipping on something tasty. And the good news is that you don’t have to wait forever for your tea to cool down. I have some tricks up my sleeves, including a method for making a quick iced tea in less than 10 minutes. This might even be the fastest way to make iced tea (if you have a faster method, please share!)

So, here’s how it works:

  1. Use half hot water, and half cold water
  2. Use more tea leaves than you normally would use

You will also need ice cubes, and a strainer or large empty tea bags.

This is How I Make Iced Tea, Fast!

In this example, I make 6 cups of tea.

First, I measure out my tea leaves: roughly 6 heaping teaspoons, plus a little extra (that’s, a teaspoon per cup, plus some!)

I filled my empty tea bags with the leaves, but if you don’t happen to have tea bags, you can steep your tea loose and pour it through a strainer after!

Next, I poured 3 cups of hot water over the tea bags. Let your tea steep. Don’t forget to cover your vessel! Your water temperature and steep time will vary, according to what kind of tea you use. I used an oolong, so I let my tea steep for 5 minutes.

Once your tea is done steeping, remove the bags, or remove the leaves through a strainer. At this point, your tea is still hot, so if you’re a sweet tea kind of person, now is the chance to mix in your sweetener. Otherwise, skip this step.

Then, add the cold water! I added 3 cups of cold water.

And the final step, add some ice! After adding the ice, begin swirling the iced tea as quickly (and as carefully) as you can: this is an important step, as it will affect how cold your tea gets. Swirl, swirl, swirl!

Here’s another tip: while you’re making your tea, let your glasses chill in the freezer.

And one more tip! Invest in sphere-shaped ice molds. The round ice keeps your drink cool, and melts slower, so your drink is less likely to become diluted.

That’s it! Serve up your tea in your chilled glass, add your ice cubes and…

Stay cool, friends!

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