I have been interested in health and wellness for decades. It was that interest that helped shift me away from soda and begin my love affair with green tea. My husband is an herbalist so I’ve learned, over the years, about the amazing health benefits of countless herbs. These are some of the most powerful medicines and Mother Nature makes them available to all of us. It is important to appreciate that herbs are “medicine” and must be taken with appropriate knowledge and consideration.

Ginger happens to be one of my favorite herbs of all times. I make an effort to consume it every day, because of its anti-inflammatory constituents, and I find that it’s a great addition to any tea. When taken for acute health issues, it’s best to brew up the tisane strongly, using more than I typically use daily.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a wonderful article about ginger in my Chopra Center Newsletter.

The “8 incredible health benefits of ginger” are probably points that many of you are aware of: ginger stimulates digestion, lowers blood pressure, reduces nausea, has antibacterial properties, is a blood sugar regulator, reduces menstrual pains, and reduces inflammation. If there was a pharmaceutical drug that did any of these as successfully as ginger, and without side effects, it would be the top story of the news. For me, the real star of ginger is its ability to reduce inflammation.

The alternative community has known for decades that the one common theme in ALL diseases is inflammation. Big pharma treats the symptoms of inflammation but does nothing to get at the root of the disease. Ginger does.

When we consider inflammation’s role in the most prevalent and scary diseases out there–cancer, Alzheimer’s and heart disease–we can’t dismiss this miracle herb that is available for each of us to consume each and every day. Try it in your favorite tea or if you’re struggling with any serious illness, make a fresh cup of this amazing tisane, using the organic root. Taking about an inch of the root, peel off the skin and either cut into thin slices and steep in boiling water covered for 10 minutes or grate the ginger, squeeze out the juice and it’s available instantly – without the need to boil. Either way, making this part of your daily routine will increase the likelihood of a long and healthy life. Of course, bringing nature, meditation, and exercise into your daily routine along with a healthy organic diet will further enhance your health and your life.

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