I was standing in the water of the creek to pick these berries!

Realizing that the summer is drawing to a hazy conclusion, I’ve had it in my mind that I need to pick blackberries. This late in the year, the tastiest ripe berries are in partial shade. So finding the best berries occasionally involves some adventure. That’s why one day when my husband and I decided to spend an afternoon playing in the creek on our property–wandering up and down, looking for agates and petrified wood–I also picked blackberries.

Of the large bag of blackberries I picked, I decided to make syrup out of some. Syrup is a very simple thing to make, and has so many applications!

Put some rinsed blackberries in a pot, a little bit of water, and a spoonful of local raw honey and it’s good to go. Onto the stove, simmer on a low heat basically forever. Remove from heat, cool. Done!

Similar to adding jam to tea like in Russia, syrup can be added as well. I made some chamomile tea for my husband and myself, and added a good spoonful of syrup to each mug. Delightful! It can also be added to black or green tea, and is good hot or cold.

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