My day started out crazy busy and I didn’t even have a chance to make my ritual green tea first thing in the morning. Fortunately, my husband asked if I’d like a cup of tea and I quickly thanked him while he handed me a steaming mug.  Fast forward and I’m getting my car keys and thinking that I’m a bit thirsty and perhaps should grab a water on the way out when I remember I hadn’t even taken one sip of my tea. If only this wasn’t a frequent scenario. This story, however, has a happy ending because last week I was sent an interesting tea mug to sample and it saved the day.

Glowstone Smart Mug is an innovative British teaware design that created a way to keep your tea warm, at 150 degrees.

After an initial 5-hour charge, you simply keep their empty mug on an electrified, wireless base waiting to be filled with your favorite brew. Once you’re ready, simply fill the mug and you’re good to go. The tea will stay warm for your continuing pleasure. Once you’ve finished your tea, simply rinse the cup and replace it onto the charging pad so it will be ready for your next cup of tea. The creators provided a number of important features for our enjoyment: This fine bone china mug is dishwater safe and the charging station automatically turns off when the charge is complete. You can also plug your base into the computer if you’re working long hours and want your tea nearby. Their ergonomically designed handle makes the sipping an entirely delightful experience. How they manage to keep the base comfortable to the touch amazes me.

The cost isn’t for the faint of heart, coming in at $169 or 2 for $299 but if you plan to keep it for years, I think it’s a reasonable investment into the enjoyment of your daily tea.  For someone like me, who doesn’t like room temperature tea and doesn’t even like iced tea, I’ve wasted so many cups of tea by being distracted by my life, it makes perfect sense that this will end those wasted cups forever. Glowstone is offering our T Ching community a generous 15% discount – to the first 50 orders – so that should help with your decision making. Please use code TCHING15 when placing your order. Since my husband keeps using MY Glowstone mug, I think I’ll have to spring for one for him as well.

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