Tea is a well-known miracle herb, blessed for its many medicinal uses, that happens to have a cousin who also packs a powerful punch and leaves nothing on the table. Anamu–a plant that derives from the Phytolaccaceae family and Petiveria genus–is also used and consumed in tea form. Because of its strong, garlic-like odor, you may have seen it be referred as “garlic weed” or many of its other various names. Like the Camellia Sinensis plant family, the anamu plant also grows in a bush/shrub-like structure about 1 meter in height and can be used to create an anamu tea-like concoction that has major health and therapeutic benefits in fighting diseases.

Like green tea which also fights against cancer or tumors, anamu tea benefits can range from controlling organisms in the human body such as from fungal and bacteria growth, boosting your immune system, as well as treating digestive problems such as bloating and flatulence by fighting bacteria in the intestines. Or it can even be used plainly as a stimulant. If you’ve never tried anamu in the form of tea, it’s definitely not a common drink but easily can be one of the most important ones you’ll ever consume for your body!

Some interesting uses for Anamu:

  • Has been used in South American in women to relieve pain from childbirth
  • Treats respiratory signs of cold and influenza
  • When crushed into a paste, it can treat muscular pain (spasms) and arthritis
  • Used as a way of controlling ticks in cows (kills insects)
  • Indian Natives used to use it to protect against witchcraft

While the leaves of the Anamu plant can be consumed in a tea, the real beneficial advantage is found in the roots, which can be ground up. You can also grind the whole plant (leaves, stems, and roots) and make a powder of it to mix with your food. Companies such as Zokia Nutritionals, SipaCupa, Purelife Herbs and a few others produce Anamu tea which can be best consumed with two cups of hot water either with honey, sugar, milk, chamomile, lemon, etc.

Where does the anamu plant grow?

Anamu is a rare native plant that originally comes from the Amazon rainforest but has since been spread into more modern, civilized areas such as Florida and Texas; and can be found used in daily practice in many countries such as South and Central America, Africa, and especially the Caribbean such as the Dominican Republic and Jamaica.

Since the Anamu plant can grow in many climates, it can now be found in many diverse areas all over the world. Rossi Naturalsa permaculture farm located in the rainforest of Puerto Rico–says, “Anamu will reproduce at various times of the year… we grow Anamu in various areas, we use it in our teas and it works fantastic in repelling mosquitoes.” So If you’ve been indecisive about trying a new tea and just so happen live in an area that is humid and tropical, growing some anamu right in your backyard might be a great idea. Whether you choose tea over coffee, as Zokiva would say “If you’re going to drink tea, it may as well be a disease-fighting tea.” Give anamu tea a try!


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