The first issue of the weekly magazine The New Yorker was published on February 21, 1925, in New York City of course. The cover features a dandy named Eustace Tilley – an apparent tea enthusiast. Could you imagine Eustace Tilley drinking anything else? Difficult to picture him holding a glass of orange juice, no? Apéritifs may be essential but to quench thirst Eustace Tilley drinks tea!

I started subscribing to The New Yorker in the mid-1990’s, canceled in 2016. Even after a recent attempt at the KonMari Method, I could not bring myself to recycle the countless issues on the bookshelves, inside the closets and boxes. Many writers and artists dream of having their work published in this premier literary magazine, whose cartoon selection process was featured in a 60 Minutes segment. My favorite activity, after receiving each issue, is not examining the cartoons but concocting a title for the magazine cover. Below are two covers in my collection that are somewhat related to tea. How will you entitle them? I should leave the “official” titles in the Comments section below.

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