I was surprised when I heard about a study done by Kelton Global and the Tea Council of the USA in 2015. They concluded that 82% of Americans drank tea for the health benefits as compared with only 71% who choose coffee. We are a country that is slowly and steadily finding alternative ways to improve our health. Our crippled health care system isn’t looking to optimize our health. They’re, for the most part, offering band-aids to alleviate symptoms that plague our increasingly ill population. Western medicine doesn’t deal with chronic illness in an optimal way; they offer expensive medications instead. It is the unfortunate reality that chronic illnesses are overwhelming our health care system. With pharmaceutical giants who have huge lobbying funds at their disposal, they continue to influence the course of health care in this country. I think they’re no better than drug dealers. It’s all about money and repeat business. When it comes to “natural” products that have the potential to improve health, you’re basically on your own: Your insurance won’t cover it. The pharmaceutical companies aren’t interested as there are insufficient profits to be made from plants. If they can synthesize it, then they’re good to go with the newest and greatest new wonder drug that will cost a small fortune. Unfortunately, when they look for the 1 or 2 active ingredients in the compound of the plant, they leave out the hundreds of elements that work synergistically to optimize the medicinal value of the plant and to effectively avoid side effects when ingested together. As we know, ALL pharmaceutical drugs have side effects. Plants do not if taken properly and poisonous plants are avoided along with possible allergens that may affect an individual adversely. A good example of a potential plant allergen is wheat. Most people can tolerate it just fine while others cannot. Americans are finally coming to realize that we must each take responsibility for our health. Supplements have become mainstream with the industry reaching 37 billion dollars in sales in 2017. I believe that whole leaf tea has a role to play in our health and wellness and apparently, most Americans agree. So drink up and know that you’re taking positive action to improve your health with each and every cup or glass. The more tea you drink, the less high sugar beverages you will consume.  I consider it one of the easiest changes to make when moving toward enhancing your overall well being. Image Source