Despite being given the option of picking out some specific teas to try, I happen to love surprises so I let Kusmi Teas pick out which ones they sent me. Thus, I received their BB Detox loose tea, White Anastasia loose tea, and Jasmine Green tea bags.

BB Detox

This tea was the one I was most trepidatious about, based solely on the ingredients list. Calling itself a “detox”, it contains a mix of green tea and various herbs and flavors. Two of the ingredients, however, are mate and guarana seed. I’ve always been sensitive to caffeine (a large cup of coffee can sometimes make my hands shake) so the extra caffeine from the mate and guarana concerned me a little. I’ve had small cups of mate before with no trouble, but I know that guarana is a common additive in energy drinks, which I avoid completely. To be on the safe side, I had the tea early on a Sunday afternoon so I wouldn’t risk insomnia. Happily, I had no trouble whatsoever. The tea has bright flavor elements thanks to grapefruit and fennel that was well-rounded by rosehip, mint, and rooibos. I couldn’t taste the dandelion root, but considering that the tea is a detox it was a good addition, with all the wonderful detox and antioxidant benefits of the herb. And best of all, it didn’t give me the jitters at all. I found it to be very flavorful served straight up and didn’t feel that it needed any additives, though it would probably taste good with some honey.

White Anastasia

A mix of white tea, green tea, bergamot, and lemon, I found this to be a bright and citrusy tea. With the bergamot and lemon flavors being from essential oils, the aroma was strong, sweet, and heavenly. I had a strong urge to put some with a little water in my simmering pot and scent the room with it! The flavor was good, but like many oil-flavored teas wasn’t as strong as the aroma. I found that a spoonful of raw honey helped bring out the flavor and natural sweetness without being overwhelming.

Jasmine Green

A tea staple that happens to be one of my absolute favorites, this jasmine green was quite good. Consisting of green tea and jasmine flowers, it has a natural and mellow flavor that is well-rounded and has depth, especially compared with ones that are flavored with oils or additives that seem to be mostly aroma. The muslin tea bags are good quality, and I was pleased by the fact that the leaves were mostly intact within them. This is as close as you can get to loose leaf while still being convenient, quick, and portable.

If interested, check out Kusmi Tea online for more information or to order.

Images provided by author.