One of the many perks of founding T Ching is that I get solicited by tea and teaware companies to review their products. I was delighted to get such a request from notNeutral regarding their CALA collection of teaware.

When my box arrived, I was very excited to have a look and actually hold my teapot. After removing the outer box, I was impressed with their white packaging. When companies take the time to produce interesting packaging, it sets the stage for what will be inside. I was not disappointed: I was immediately taken with their elegant and modern teapot interpretation. This sleek 16-ounce porcelain teapot with removable strainer basket accomplishes three very important tasks: It provides an optimal space for whole leaf tea brewing, a smooth pour, and visual excitement. I received two 6-ounce tasting cups which are equally as elegant and beautiful as the pot. This is a set that my husband and I will use every day, rather than wait for special occasions with company. As many of you have come to learn, a poorly designed teapot isn’t enjoyable to use. When consideration has been taken to ensure that each task it must perform is done to a high standard, you will be ensured of a teapot that you’ll enjoy for many, many years to come.

Many of you may not have noticed the tagline on the top left of the blog which reads Tea // Design // Life.  For me, design is such an important element in our lives. To interact with objects that bring beauty into our daily routine is something that resonates with me. Each artisan teacup, each handcrafted teapot, each exquisitely designed teapot is something that connects me with the artist or designer. When I put my whole leat tea into such an object, I also acknowledge the tea grower whose efforts provided the tea for my daily ritual. We are all connected. We are all part of the tea culture that I so love and embrace.

How about treating yourself to a very special tea set. It will bring you pleasure each and every day.