April is National Poetry Month – January is National Hot Tea Month – for those of us
that do not wait for these months to celebrate either of our loves; it is my pleasure to
share this poem with you. I wrote this poem several years ago after meeting the author
of Three Cups of Tea, Greg Mortenson before the “sand storm”. It was not the man, nor his book that captured my attention. It was the story behind the title that captivated me.

In Three Cups of Tea

Faraway lands.
Customs that are new.
Eyes darken with caution – faith has been lost.
Be wary of the stranger.
What is it really that he wishes to do?
Hidden in the desert hills awaits the danger.
From the storms that blow and stir up the sands,
the tea will always be murky.
Let the sleeping dogs lie.

Offer the stranger his first cup of tea.
Time waits for no one and no one rushes time.
Sip slowly to see what is truly in his heart.
Then let things settle – the sediment allows for clarity.
Not everyone is who they appear to be.
In days to come pour him another one.

Offer the stranger his second cup of tea.
Laughter and gestures indicate a change.
The visitor from another land becomes an honoured guest.
Seems he is not so strange.

Everyone sips their tea.
Hills, rock, and sand as far as the eye can see;
there are many other places he could be.

Invite him now for his third cup of tea.
A soul that has found his way back.
The long-lost stranger is now part of the family.

All of this, discovered in three cups of tea.

~ Dharlene Marie Fahl ~
A Passion for Tea

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