How often have we heard about the people being addicted to their favourite dishes? A majority of the population in India is addicted to tea. I have seen people getting the cravings for tea every now and then. Excessive intake of tea could affect our health in one way or another.

Addiction to something is the key factor that strengthens your weakness. It is truthfully said that the mind should control our body and not vice versa. Similar is the case that while having tea, you must not get addicted to the idea of sipping tea frequently because anything consumed in excess leads to destruction. Getting addicted to sipping tea is actually getting addicted to the taste of caffeine present in the tea.

Fact: Tea leaves contain less caffeine than a perfectly brewed cup of tea.


Tea is a natural drink that helps in curing almost every health issue. My mother has always suggested that I have a cup of tea while suffering from a minor headache. The soothing action of the drink including ginger and cardamom seeds would calm the vibrating nerves and distract my mind from thinking about the pain.

Undoubtedly, tea has been a true companion for its enthusiasts, but drinking tea in excess has led to the heavy addiction among a majority of the people.

Tea made by adding milk to the concoction has resulted in the production of gastric acid in the human body, which relatively causes acidity.

There are innumerable varieties of tea that have differing caffeine content, with black tea having the highest and white tea the lowest. Apart from caffeine, it is the taste, aroma, appearance, and the way of preparing the tea that differentiates the type of teas. The characteristics of the teas also influence the taste buds of the tea-enthusiasts which make them addicted to a certain taste of tea.

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If you drink tea to occupy your taste buds, you won’t get to know when you started falling for the taste of tea. There are many people who drink tea to get their body in shape while some drink tea because they love the taste of caffeine. Being addicted to tea can actually involve a lot of side effects on your body.

A few of the side effects are listed here:

  • Chromosome damage
  • Increased PMS in women
  • Causing insomnia
  • Causing oesophageal cancer on drinking a very hot teacup
  • Formation of kidney stones

Taking a note of certain side effects on the human body, over-consumption of tea has proved to be harmful in various aspects of human life. If you are a tea-addict you must at once limit its consumption so as to avoid any future issues.