Guest contribution by Olivia Jones

A cold beverage in the backyard oasis is one of the defining childhood images when it comes to memories of spring and summer. It is also one of those memories we tend to emulate in our adult age with some inventive new drinks. If you want to learn how creative these drinks can get, test your taste buds with these spring cocktails every tea lover should know.

Ginger Tea

The combined taste of ginger and peppermint is the very definition of chilly. This is why ginger tea is so widely popular among the adult cocktail drinkers. With a bit of sweet syrup and a pinch of cognac, you’ll have one of the best cocktails around. This one’s best served on a hot spring day, possibly in the country, after an arduous physical activity. In those circumstances, it will taste as the very nectar of the gods.

Gunpowder gimlet

To tea purists, combining green tea with gin sounds like a sin, and it’s hard to disagree – only a sin can taste so good. Gunpowder gimlet is exactly that – gin combined with green tea, with an optional twist of lemon and a few drops of citrusy syrup to boot. It is an amazing refreshment after a business meeting, or a good tension breaker before a meeting, for that matter. It all depends on the amount of gin added to the glass.

Irish Tea Punch

Now that we are on the topic of green tea, we cannot miss mentioning Irish tea punch, a perfect beverage for cocktail tea lovers on Saint Patrick’s Day – one of the most beloved spring celebrations. If, on March 17, you want to get buzzed with your friends without going overboard, mix some Irish whiskey with green tea and add some honey, ice cubes and a few leaves of peppermint to the bowl.

Jalisco High Tea

When you combine tequila with lemon tea, you get the beloved Jalisco High Tea, a party favorite. Try pairing it with food bites, which are an established concept of renowned experts in mixology from NYC where cocktail catering service is just as important as the food, and you’ll have yourself a fiesta for the ages. Invite all your friends!

Kentucky tea

Have yourself a taste of springtime Americana with Kentucky tea. This one requires a very specific type of preparation, but the result can be out of this world – immediately after you’ve put the bag of mint tea in the glass filled with hot water, add a pinch of bourbon along with eucalyptus syrup and several twists of lemon. If you are crafty, you can carve up a few slices of lemon bark and put it in.

Sweet Tea Vodka

There are countless iced tea cocktails, some with weird names, others a bit more obvious, but the name of this one says it all – if you are in the mood for a taste of Russia in your ice tea, pour a few fingers worth of this ultra-strong spirit into a tall glass. Then you can add sweet tea, some mint leaves and half a cup of freshly squeezed lemonade. If you have a bottle of ice-cold club soda at your hand’s reach, you’ll certainly have one vibrant cocktail in front of you.

Summer Peach Tea

Summer peach tea is the final word of spiked spring teas. It is ideal in every way – both as a refreshment and a frisky cocktail to give you a buzz. The fruity texture of peaches combines perfectly with whiskey or schnapps, depending on your preference. If you add only a bit of alcohol to this mix, it will be the exact sort of a drink you are looking for at the end of the day.

These spiked refreshments are a perfect opportunity to combine afternoon tea time with a wild cocktail hour. This way, you can enjoy the gentle warmth of the spring sunset as you sip your favorite tea cocktail. Just make sure they are kept out of reach of the unassuming kids, and you are all good.

Images provided by author.