If you want to boost your metabolism, watch your weight drop away, and improve your health & wellbeing – the answer might be easier than you think. One simple, painless, and inexpensive change to your lifestyle could be transformative: Just try replacing your sugary soft drink habit with tea and see what happens.

In the East they have been drinking varieties of tea for thousands of years; we are late to the party and are only now waking up to its many benefits. Tea drinking has been associated with lower rates of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes thanks to the antioxidants known as flavonoids that it contains.  Tea also helps with weight loss, improved cholesterol levels, and mental agility. What’s not to like?

Lose Weight By Drinking Tea - Photo of tea steeping in glass French press teapot

Given the backdrop of deteriorating health in the US and many Western countries, we would do well to look East for some wisdom. We are getting plenty of things wrong in terms of lifestyle choices – primarily a poor diet and lack of exercise. This is contributing to the obesity epidemic and countless other health problems.

Your Beverage Can Be Causing Weight Gain

Consumption of sugary sodas and fruit juices is a particular issue with many Americans apparently addicted to soda.  A staggering 56% of young adults in the US admit to drinking soda daily and these drinks are the largest source of sugar consumption among children and adolescents. Two in three adults and one in three children in America are now classified as overweight or obese with sodas contributing in a major way to this weight epidemic.

How to Be Effortlessly Slim

What we need to do is exercise more, eat better and consider taking supplements to ensure optimum nutrition. Drinking tea is an extremely easy way to make a positive change and take a step towards a slimmer, healthier you. Whether you choose to drink black, green, or white tea; you’ll be benefiting from the antioxidant properties of the flavonoids found in tea. These antioxidants can cause temporary thermogenesis: A metabolic process that speeds up the metabolism and increases fat burning. (Supplements that accelerate this process are available.)

Purists may choose to research the culture and history of Japanese and Chinese tea ceremonies and – for the full zen experience – even indulge in some elegant teaware. But even those who keep things simple and brew up in a standard mug will reap the benefits. It’s as easy as one, two, TEA.

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