The tinkling sound of ice cubes dancing inside a glass of refreshing iced tea is music to my ears. It reminds me of how the delicious, mouthwatering delights of summer will soon be here. Are you ready to be creaTEAve with your ice?

Ice cubes are chill and that’s a fact. Being creative with your ice cubes adds flavor, color, and class to your beverages. Imagine a tall glass of iced tea beautifully infused with delicate edible flowers frozen in ice. Perhaps you love a hint of mint in your tea? That’s easy! Simply add mint leaves to your ice cube trays before filling and freezing. Or make a colorful statement on a hot summer day with frozen, pureed fruits, or smoothie cubes, as I call them. Mango, cantaloupe, lemon, or ginger––whatever you fancy––will enhance your next iced tea! You can even use pieces of fruit, such as strawberry or blueberries, to freeze into cubes.

Silicon Ice cube trays work best, and bigger-sized cubes will melt slower. To make edible flower, herb, or fruit ice cubes, consider the following:

• Step 1: Place an edible flower, herb, or piece of fruit face down into the bottom of each silicone cube.
• Step 2: Fill the cube 1/4 full with distilled water and freeze.
• Once frozen, repeat Step 1 and 2, and continue repeating these steps until the tray is filled to each cube’s top line.

Pansies, chamomile, lavender, roses, mint, and basil are fantastic edible flower and herb choices. And, using distilled water and freezing in intervals ensures the most crystal-clear ice cube possible.

• For pureed cubes, simply pour the pureed fruit of your choice into the silicone cube tray(s) and freeze.

Even though we still have snow, it’s ‘ice’ to dream of summer while sipping on iced tea!

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