The Spring display in the windows of Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly.

Spring is here!  And what do they say a young man’s fancy turns to?  Yes, LOVE, of course.  I don’t think fanciful thoughts belong exclusively to young men, though.  Perhaps we all have thoughts about love in the spring – finding love, creating love, and rejuvenating love.  For eons, we have heard of love potions and I have stumbled upon one – made with TEA – imagine that.  It seemed innocent enough, so I have chosen to share it with you all.  It did come with incantation instructions, but I believe that if it is prepared and shared with love in mind, it could indeed be the perfect love potion.

•    Pinch of Rosemary
•    2 tsp. Black Tea
•    3 pinches of Thyme
•    3 pinches of Nutmeg
•    3 fresh Mint Leaves
•    6 fresh Rose Petals
•    6 Lemon Balm Leaves
•    Pure Spring Water
•    Sweetener to taste
•    One earthenware or copper tea kettle

Boil all ingredients together in 3 cups of fresh spring water – it didn’t say for how long, but I think you will just know when you know.

I do not believe you have to wait for the moon to be in perfect alignment, but I do believe YOU have to be in perfect alignment to attract love.  If our fancies are indeed turning to love, we must BE love in order to attract it or enhance it.  Perhaps this love potion is something we all need to make for ourselves first – and then see what happens.  Now, I have not tried it – so if anyone out there does – please share your results.

As you are sipping, know that it is first about trust – trusting in yourself and all your wonderful qualities, and most definitely trusting in the greater wisdom of our universe and that all things unfold and unfurl as they need to for our highest good.

The following is not an incantation – but a prayer that I created for attracting love.  If it appeals to you, feel free to read it while you are sipping your love potion.


Love has its season just as God has Its reason.
I stand steady as I allow my heart to get ready.
I am open to receive and I choose to believe God is all there is.
Love is all there is.  One with God, one with all;
from the One Mind, I have one in mind;
a mate, a match, lovable and compatible.
First, I accept and love myself for the growing spirit I am.
Seeing my own good allows me to see
the congeniality of the right person for me.
In loving myself pure love is what I attract;
this is a universal law – a divine fact.
I’ll settle for nothing less.  I claim my own happiness.
I send out thanks, I know I’ve been heard.
I trust divine timing and I trust the Word.
God’s time is my time and I let it all be.
I choose love and acceptance.
I’ll just wait and see.
I have faith on my side and God
as my guide true love will abide.
All is perfect for me.

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This article was originally published in March 2010.