Guest Post By: Rupal Sharma

Tea– As soon as the word ‘tea’ is heard, it recollects the image of warm water mixed with milk and sugar and all the other additives. Who would have known that the real teas are not the concocted liquors but the natural tea leaf extracts merged in warm water?

Tea Tasting Culture

Tea tasting has been an art since the very first cup of tea ever made in the world. However, the varieties of tea kept changing and evolved as the most preferred and beneficial health drinks all over the world.

Drinking tea has revolutionised and was made popular by not just being a drink over the taste buds of the tea consumers but reflecting joy on the faces. That joy was uncountable as the tea drinkers found their happiness in that one slurpy sip.

Emergence of Tea Tasting

Though tea is abundantly available in the current market and that too in different tastes, the tea drinkers have found their kind of art in tea tasting. The taste buds of these people have become so used to the taste of tea that in one sip they are able to detect the etymology of tea and its place of origination. They have reached a level of so much expertise that they possess a power to even convince the non-tea drinkers to enjoy tea with them.

Awareness of Tea as a Luxury Drink

If I talk about my personal experience, the art of tea tasting has been undoubtedly introduced in the place where I work. Being a tea lover, it has been a great experience in working with the core members of the tea business. I have tasted lots of varieties of tea as well as witnessed the tea tasting procedure; it has been a one of a kind experience as the tea experts guided me with approximately 20 kinds of teas and let me taste all of them. It is very rare that you would find a real tea connoisseur around you. But in my case, when I met Mr. Rishabh Dugar (founder of Te.Cha), I have always found him being involved in teas and explaining the art of consuming natural teas, just like a true tea connoisseur. Well, I have always had the tea with the addition of milk and sugar and other flavours, but the real magic of drinking natural tea has immaculately stunned me with the finesse in its taste.

Tea tasting has been compared to an art form as it is rarest of all that we could ever find anyone so much involved in tea that he thinks and talks only tea. The art of tea tasting reflects the voyage of the tea taster, and how much tea he or she has consumed and of how many varieties. Tasting different kinds of teas depend on the varieties of teas available in the market and these varieties are made from a very interesting and special technique, ‘cloning’. The clones of teas are being tested and then grown in different tea producing regions and they never fail to mesmerise the taste buds of the tea consumers.

Tea tasting has been a form of art for many decades and is growing at a rapid pace in today’s world. As the people from different places incline more towards living natural and healthy, tea has gained enormous popularity worldwide. It has become a natural source, where people find their leisure while drinking tea and sharing their happiness, get-togethers, formal or informal meetings, or any special occasion.

Tea has always been an art to consume whole-heartedly!

Author Bio: Rupal Sharma works at Te.Cha-Specialty Tea Boutique ( in Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India.

Writing has always been my passion and there is no other platform than sharing your thoughts through different write-ups and articles. I also have a fondness of singing and dancing and all other creative things that I find attractive and worth investing time for.

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