The real joy of being based in Japan and sourcing teas directly from farmers and wholesalers is that we get to see behind the scenes. We get glimpses of what the grand masters are up to in their quest to boost the flavour profiles and titillate our tongues!

Based in Oita, Kyushu, Master Kiagawa offers such insights. Here, we gained some wonderful inside knowledge on how to boost culinary grade Matcha with Funmatsucha.

In this video he shows his method for sifting his Asatsuyu leaves in order to separate out loose leaves, tea bag leaves, and culinary quality (perfect for Matcha-flavored ICE CREAM!!!!!!)… The ice cream tasted AMAZING, with the Funmatsucha mixed into the Matcha to elevate the flavor and keep the lingering notes singing away on the palette long after we put down our spoons!