I am happy to report that hot tea can in fact significantly reduce your likelihood of getting glaucoma by 74% according to an article by Reuters.

Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness around the world and it looks like hot tea can really help in the battle to save vision. As the baby boomers are aging, the threat of glaucoma increases. Losing one’s vision will have a profound impact on one’s ability to live an independent lifestyle and prevention is key. Once vision is lost, it’s not possible to recover it. Having annual vision tests will help to identify early vision problems which are key to dealing with glaucoma. Treatments are available to halt the disease but not to reverse the damage.

As a tea drinker, I’m delighted to learn about yet another health benefit of my favorite beverage. With over 3 million Americans and 58 million people worldwide suffering from glaucoma, this is a disease that must be taken seriously. According to the British Journal of Ophthalmology, study participants who drank one cup of caffeinated hot tea daily had  74% lower odds of getting glaucoma.

Drink to your health and enjoy every delicious sip.

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