Guest post by: Amanda Wilks

Are the limits of your current diet not doing enough for your weight? That’s totally understandable considering how complex and difficult a proper diet and exercise regimen can be.

Combining the proper amounts of healthy eating, calorie counting, smart nutrient choices and physical activity requires a level of dedication that some aren’t ready to reach. For some people, simple drinks such as green tea help with weight loss, but for others, problems arise because they just aren’t getting the right nutrients during their diet, leading to issues that can spiral back into weight gain. That’s where detox drinks enter the picture.

Made out of specially formulated combinations of ingredients that work in tandem to boost the body’s natural functions and ensure healthy living, a detox drink can come in a variety of forms. Whether it’s fruits and water or a vegetable medley mixed with herbs blended up and served as they are. No matter the delivery method, the end goal is the same: Find what your body lacks, supplement what it needs and flush out undesirable toxins to promote a healthier you.

So while good health and a proper diet require a solid understanding of your body’s needs, these five detox drinks can kick-start any diet and have you feeling better in no time.

1. Apple, Cinnamon, and Honey Water

Starting off strong is a combination of proven detox winners. Fruits in general provide essential antioxidants and enzymes your body produces but often not in a viable enough quantity to boost the body’s processes to fat-burning levels.

Combined with the power of cinnamon, which can help keep your body’s insulin levels steady and keep you feeling full for longer periods of time after you eat, you’ll be on the right path to a healthy drink option suitable for any time of day. Add some honey for sweetness and you might just keep this one around even after your diet has served its purpose!

2. Cucumber Lemonade

Praising the benefits of cucumber and lemon water is easy enough, given how strong of an alkalizer lemon can be. Pairing it with the mineral-packed power of the cucumber just makes this a winner in nearly every sense of the word.

By balancing the pH level of your body, you might just find your diet has been the victim of poor pH levels for longer than you realized. Taking it on in proper lemonade form just makes it that much tastier.

3. Slim Down Detox Water

Touted as the starting point for every detox drinker, this blend of several key fruits (such as grapefruits, cucumber, lemons, limes) and mint combines the strengths of many a star in the detox world into one convenient drink.

It boasts a quick prep time and doesn’t require an overnight soak to get the full benefits of the detox, though you may get slightly better infusion if you start this one the night before. At only seven calories, it won’t add a burden to your calorie counting, either.

4. Bedtime Drink for Detoxification and Fat Burn

Taking a smoothie approach to the detox process is this blended beverage option for your pre-bedtime routine. Certain ingredients show their colors when fully emulsified with supporting players that highlight their individual strengths, which is why the leafy herbage of parsley is paired up with lemon and ginger – two regular co-conspirators that round out the nutrient-rich benefits of herbage with some fruity notes to keep your pH balance in check and your body aligned as best it can be.

For best results, make this a part of your regular bedtime routine and drink one glass per evening. Skip your bedtime snack, since this will doubtlessly keep you feeling full.

5. Cranberry Detox Drink

What’s better than just losing weight? Losing weight and looking younger in the process, of course!

Cranberries are held in high regard for their phytonutrients and are often referred to as one of the best foods you can eat to keep your skin looking healthier. They might even help you fight off excess fat you’ve been working at, which is just what you’re looking for in this kind of detox drink.

As a middle ground between a smoothie and a detox water, this one requires extra straining to make it work but the end result is worth the effort.


As long as you stick to your diet and keep your nutrient input on track, detox drinks can only help you in the long run.

By acting as a low-calorie beverage with health benefits that help your body perform properly you can fight off the woes of aging and weight gain by sipping your way to a healthier you.

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