All of us at T Ching would like to wish each and every one of you a joyous, peaceful, and healthy holiday season. With the New Year upon us, we can review this tumultuous year and hope that 2018 will bring blessings of peace around the world.

When I’m feeling frightened about the future, a favorite cup of tea can always help to ground me. It provides the space and silence to look inside and begin to review all that I’m grateful for. We’ve had our first snowfall in Hood River, Oregon and although my daughter won’t be able to make the drive from Portland to visit us due to dangerous driving conditions, I’m grateful for the fire that’s burning in the fireplace and the comfort of my husband, whose presence brings much happiness to my soul. We are safe, we are warm, and we have a refrigerator full of food with our tea cabinet overflowing. I’m reminded how many people around the world have so much less.

May 2018 bring peace to our planet, joy to our lives, and precious health to ourselves and loved ones.