My daily ritual includes mediation, writing grateful thoughts, sipping on tea and asking a question, how can I help three people today? Do you have a tea drinking ritual? I invite you to take a few moments each day to create a gratTEAtude ritual.
Ask yourself a question like this, how can I decorate my life and the lives of others I encounter today? Make a list of your inspired ideas, set your intention, then make magic happen for yourself and others.
These are a few gifts which decorate my life and the lives of others:
• be posiTEAve.
• give people a piece of your heart.
• get caught up in being thankful.
• be nicer to yourself and others.
• stir up love wherever you go.
• share a smile and give a hug.
• start each day with a grateful thought.
• remember, when searching for a miracle, stop and look in the mirror.
• marvel at life.
• learn something new each day and share your knowledge with others.
• show appreciation.
• lift others.
• take five deep long breaths in and out when you wake up.
• forgive yourself, forgive others.
• be brave.
• be silly.
• be present.
• be kind.
• beTEAlightul to everyone you meet.
I thank you for enjoying my creativiTEA on TChing! Happy Holidays to one and all. May your cup always be full of goodness in 2018 and beyond.
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