Illustration of a glass teapot with a blooming tea within.

Blossoming teas are fresh flowers encased in white tea leaves. Truly magical. A combination of white tea leaves with a variety of flowers; osmanthus, jasmine, chrysanthemum, lily, or marigold are threaded together with string and bound with tea leaves into a tea bud.

Blossoming teas always fill me with happiness and love with a splash of peace. I enjoy drinking flowering teas during the fall and winter months because it’s magical to watch the tea bloom and that’s enough to keep any heart warm on a cold day, including mine.

To fully enjoy any blossoming tea, use a glass teapot. Place the tea bud into the teapot and pour in boiled water (roughly 75 to 80˚C). Over the next 1-3 minutes, watch as tiny bubbles form and dance while the blossom gradually unfurls into a delicate and beautiful beverage.

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