Most of us in the tea-loving community have that one tea shop they love to go to. Maybe they make the best cup of tea in town. Maybe they have the best selection of loose teas in the city. Maybe the people are just great! Some of us are lucky enough that we have many places to choose from.

But what about you? What is your go-to tea spot?

Part of what we do at T Ching is spreading the love and knowledge of tea to the world. But it is also important that we also spread the love and visibility of our local tea businesses. Without them, it would be that much harder to share the tea love!

Is there a tea shop by you that deserves some extra visibility? Have you had a stellar experience at a store you visited while on a trip? Are you a small tea business that would like to share your story? Tell us! Send your stories to [email protected] or post them on our Facebook page, and we will share some of them on our site!