Anyone familiar with my blog posts knows that I’m a huge fan of Dr. Andrew Weil. He is considered by many to be the father of Complimentary Medicine. When I found a post about the health benefits of marijuana tea, I thought I’d check out what Dr. Weil has to say on the subject.

It seems that he believes the options for using marijuana medicinally are quite substantial. You can find him on YouTube speaking about marijuana if you’re so inclined.

Back to the 5 Reasons To Cure Chronic Illnesses with Cannabis-infused tea. They cite 5 very specific reasons why marijuana infused tea would be great for your health:

  1. It reduces pain throughout your body by lowering the pain signals which then bind to the pain receptors in your CNS (central nervous system). An added benefit is that it’s not addictive as are all other pain medications.
  2. It reduces inflammation, which supports the pain reduction theory, while enhancing your immune system.
  3. Believe it or not, it has been shown to have neuroprotective properties in the brain. This could prove key in reducing the incidence of Alzheimers disease.
  4. Is reported to improve digestion. (My husband, the herbalist, swears by puerh tea as a proven remedy for any type of GI distress.)
  5. It appears to help with both anxiety and depression.

I bet that if a pharmaceutical drug was able to positively impact all 5 of those systemic issues which plague countless people in the country and around the world, it would be the most widely prescribed drug on the market. And remember, this is a natural product.

If you’re still not convinced, consider picking up Clint Werner’s book, Marijuana Gateway to Health.

Here’s what Dr. Weil had to say about Werner’s book. “This book should be required reading for all medical professionals, elected officials, and everyone interested in health and wellness.”  Now that’s an amazing review for a book!

There are numerous recipes for brewing marijuana tea. Here’s the one I’m going to try.

Obviously it is unknown how much of the active ingredients will be available in the tea, but it seems to me it can’t hurt and would be worth a try. Living in Oregon where marijuana is readily available and legal, makes it a no-brainer to do a bit of experimenting. Some sites state that the THC – which is the compound that makes you feel “high”, isn’t activated by the tea so it’s not an issue when drinking it. I would certainly experiment with it the first time, when getting a bit of a buzz wouldn’t be problematic.