This tealicious hand-made Nepal Black Tea, featured by David’s tea, hails from a small family-owned tea garden named Jun Chiyabari. spread in three divisions over the hills around the small town of Hile, Dhankuta, this organic tea garden has produced since the first planting in 2001 on 75 hectares. Jun means “pure” and chiyabari means “Moon-lit Tea Garden.” To be active and an integral part of the community, uplifting everyone through mutual betterment, is the core philosophy of Jun Chiyabari.

 I used a small clay teapot suitable for two cups of tea.

Pour in hot water to warm the vessel. After a few minutes, drain, then add one teaspoon of Nepal Black Tea from David’s Tea, pouring near boiling water over the leaves in the teapot. Infuse for 4-7 minutes.

 This tea is very distinctive in appearance, aroma, and taste, and comes from a similar growing area to Darjeeling. To my delight, when pouring the Nepal Black Tea into my cup, I was greeted with a deep amber liquor boasting a rich, creamy aroma and subtly sweet flavors. Tibetan Prayer flags gently dance in the wind with each sip I take, bringing to mind a Tibetan Prayer:

 “The Hook of Divine Substance”

by Mipham Rinpoche

 …Shining brightly like the sun,

Glowing vividly like the moon,
Sparkling lucidly like the stars,
Gathering thickly like mist,
Merging and flowing like a river,
And showering down upon us like rain!
Let the spirit of abundance be summoned!
Let the spirit of abundance be gathered!
Let the spirit of abundance be brought forth!…

 This is a mere excerpt pulled from the 72-line prayer. Legend says that if you recite the entire prayer 108 times, abundance is yours. Nevertheless, I send my hearty blessings to everyone.

I invite you to learn more about Jun Chiyabri Tea Garden.

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