Most people think that tea is supposed to be enjoyed just on a cold winter afternoon, near a fireplace. However, teas have gone a long way in the past century and are no longer associated with the traditional Victorian period when the citizens of London paused their activities around 5 PM and made time for a cup of tea. You can actually enjoy this beverage even on a hot summer day, as well as during the night, so it’s safe to say that tea is the drink for all seasons.

Autumn teas

This is the season when most of us feel tired and weary, especially after a productive summer. That’s why we need something to pick us up, help us stay healthy and give us energy – and these are just some of the things tea can do for you! The best thing about drinking tea in autumn is the abundance of herbs and fruits everywhere you look, so just pick a few ingredients and make your favorite tea in a matter of minutes.

Autumn is also great for drinking both hot and cold tea, because the weather is always changing, so sticking to both options makes more sense. But, whichever you prefer, be sure you always have some hot and cold clean water near you, and since making tea using unsafe water can seriously damage your health. Finding a trustworthy UV home water treatment might be the thing to do. Only this way will you be able to prepare your tea safely and with proper care.

Winter teas

Of course, winter is the time to enjoy tea, and not just because you love it, but because it keeps you warm during the cold weather. There’s no saying which teas are the best during this season because all of them are a great way to spice up a cold evening after a long day at the office. All you need to do is find the ones you love the most, stack up your tea cabinet and enjoy different taste every day. Also, don’t forget to add some biscuits or cookies that will take this experience to the next level.

When it comes to tea types most people prefer in the winter, you have to start with the classics – peppermint and herbal! These come in various sizes and packages and you can opt for making an entire batch at once or go for just a single cup. Lots of people adore rooibos teas as well since they contain no caffeine and can do wonders for your health, so be sure investigate different rooibos-based combinations too.

Spring teas

While awaiting for the summer and trying to shake off any potential cold you may have caught in the winter, it’s important to prepare your body for the more active period. This is where teas can help due to numerous health benefits that come with their use – they can help you get your health back on track and leave all negativities behind. However, not all teas suit everyone, which is why you should investigate which types trigger what sorts of reactions and drink specific teas for specific purposes.

For instance, you may want to lose some holiday weight and get your beach body ready, and green tea is the way to do so – it will boost your calorie burn, stack your body with loads of antioxidants and speed up the effects of your diet. On the other hand, chamomile tea can help you relax and leave your stress behind, which is quite important at the beginning of the year, and ginger tea will prevent headaches and fight off allergies.

Summer teas

Although most people prefer a cold lemonade after arriving home on a hot day, choosing tea instead might be better. First of all, it’s much healthier and less damaging to your body than any other drink – except for water, of course – and makes a huge difference in your blood count. Also, if you make it beforehand and put it in your fridge, tea is just as cold and refreshing as a Coke, and it’s even tastier when served with ice! Finally, offering your guests tea instead of soda drinks just shows how health-oriented you are, and that’s always good.

Additionally, some teas can have a lasting effect on your mental health and successfully boost your energy level in just a couple of weeks. One of these is ginger and red date tea that’s a big part of Chinese tradition because it helps you restore energy, inspires body cleansing and prevents illnesses, so it might be the perfect beverage for a hot day.

All year long

As you can see, tea is an amazing drink that can be appreciated all year long, so don’t quit making it as soon as spring comes and remember that drinking it all year long will make you stronger, healthier and happier.